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Andy Pag is the Eco-Adventurer and BBC reporter who spent two years driving around the world in an old school bus he salvaged from a scrap yard, powered by cooking oil, and turned into a home using reclaimed materials.

For 20 years former BBC journalist Andy Pag has been attempting unorthodox forms of sustainable travel. From the chocolate-powered lorry he drove to Timbuktu, to gliding on thermal winds above the Himalayas, to circumnavigating the world in a scrapyard bus fuelled only with used cooking oil he scavenged from restaurant bins along the way.

To his surprise many of his experiments proved both successful and sustainable. With over 10 years experience addressing events, he now gives talks live from the sailboat he lives and travels aboard, giving an honest critique of his amazing journeys, and sharing the lessons he’s learned the hard way from trying to behave sustainably in a world powered by carbon fuels, and where success is often tied to consumption.

The entertaining and inspiring tales from the road which he shares and the conclusions he draws are thought-provoking for both businesses and individuals wrestling with the accelerating need to address their sustainability footprint. His talks frame the challenges of sustainability in a refreshing non-confrontational way and invite debate and new thinking among audiences.

Please note: In order to support organisers in reducing their event’s CO2 footprint, Andy does not use air-travel to attend talks and seminars. The majority of his talks are now conducted virtually, live from onboard his sailing expedition, so join the crew!

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£4,500 - £6,000
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£3,500 - £5,000
Change, Creative Thinking, CSR, Cultural Change, Culture, Environment, Extreme Conditions, Innovation, Inspirational, Sustainability, Video Storytelling

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Andy was extremely engaging, authoritative, enthusiastic and yet measured. He backed up his words with great photos and plenty of good stories. In short, very entertaining and people will remember him and his story.


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