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Andrew Pain

Mental Health and Wellbeing speaker, leading in his work on men’s mental health, burnout, imposter syndrome, resilience and work/life balance.

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Andrew is on a mission to create decisive and resilient communities of people. Delivering content-rich talks in his own dynamic and down to earth style, Andrew shares powerful and practical strategies to inspire lasting change and answers some of the most pressing organisational challenges:

  • Men’s Wellbeing: Why are men and boys struggling? Why won’t men engage in our wellbeing initiatives? How do we tackle ‘toxic masculinity’? How do we redefine masculinity, given the seismic cultural advances of the last 60 years? How do we help men to be the best version of themselves?
  • Burnout: What is burnout and how is it different to depression or a breakdown? How do you spot the signs of burnout? What are the triggers? And how do you prevent burnout?
  • Imposter Syndrome: What is Imposter Syndrome? Why do 70% of people across the globe reportedly struggle with Imposter Syndrome? What are the two types of Imposter Syndrome? How are they different and why do they matter? How do we practically empower people to take control of Imposter Syndrome?
  • Work/life Balance: How do you get more done, without getting busier or burnt-out, and is that realistic or utopia? Why do most people misunderstand procrastination and how do we unpick it as a habit? How do get started in taking control of your boundaries?

He also covers topics on how to create inclusive communities, including the below:

  • How to practically deliver allyship and psychological safety in busy/virtual/high pressure work places.
  • How to break down cliques.
  • How to create an inclusive community.
  • The problem with stereotypes (from all angles such as; gender, age and culture)

Serving diverse organisations, from Lloyds Bank, Amazon and Specsavers, to Birmingham City University, Gloucestershire County Council, Sandwell College and Crown Prosecution Service, Andrew is accredited by and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Andrew is also a member of The Professional Speaker’s Association (PSA) and The International Stress Management Association.

Andrew is a podcaster whose new podcast, ‘Men on Show’, celebrates the stories of men doing amazing things whilst exploring their views on modern masculinity, why men and boys are struggling, the issue of Andrew Tate and how to help men be the best versions of themselves. Andrew is also a TEDx speaker (His successful talk on domestic abuse as a male victim in a former marriage,  has over 120K views) and he campaigns on domestic abuse and gender unity, speaking about his personal experiences and the wider challenges society faces in tackling domestic abuse, including; how to support all victims of domestic abuse (male and female), how to equip people to spot the signs of abusive relationships, how to tackle gender bias, as well as unpacking modern buzzwords such as gaslighting and parental alienation.

As a contributor to blogs, podcasts and radio shows such as Good Men Project, Happiful, BBC West Midlands, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, UCB Broadcasters and Sikh Channel TV, Andrew is also a Father of 5, including 3 boys under 10, which means he is a highly skilled negotiator, maid, tutor, cook, cleaner, war zone reporter, health and safety officer, triage nurse, chauffeur, bribery guru and professional blackmailer.

By miles the most useful training session I have ever attended, thanks again Andrew for facilitating: BRILLIANT. Robert Gallafent – Project Manager – STFC
I recently watched Andrew’s webinar on procrastination through CIMA last week and having watched quite a few webinars through 2020/21, I have to say, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. He is an incredibly skilled presenter and has a presenting style which draws the viewer/listener in effortlessly. Mark Francis – Spotlight Sportsgroup

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