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Andrew Bruce Smith

Andrew Bruce Smith is a well-known expert in artificial intelligence and its applications in communications and marketing.

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Andrew Bruce Smith, FCIPR, MPRCA, is a renowned expert in artificial intelligence and its applications in digital PR, social media, SEO, and analytics. With a foundational education in Philosophy and Mathematical Logic from the University of Edinburgh (1981-1985), he developed a keen interest in AI early in his career. Andrew further honed his skills in AI programming languages in the late 1980s, a time when AI was still nascent.

Pioneering the adoption of AI content tools such as Wordsmith in the early 2010s, Andrew has consistently stayed at the forefront of technological innovation. This, coupled with his leadership as the Chair of the CIPR’s AI in PR panel, makes him a much sought-after speaker and commentator on the impact of AI.

With a remarkable career spanning 38 years, Andrew has strategically integrated AI into digital communications programmes for some of the world’s largest brands. His expertise in AI and its integration with social media and analytics has earned him five Google Analytics Individual Qualifications and the status of an approved Google Partner in search advertising. Andrew’s contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed.

In 2018, the UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) hailed him as “one of PR’s greatest thinkers”. He was instrumental in the CIPR’s 2021 Professional Practice Review into Research, Measurement and Evaluation in Public Relations and Communications, where his expertise in AI played a significant role.

Andrew is the co-author of ‘Share This’ and ‘Share This Too’ (publisher: Wiley), best-selling handbooks that reflect the evolution of media. In ‘Platinum’, another CIPR publication, he authored a chapter focused on the transformative impact of AI and automation on the PR industry.

Currently, Andrew provides training and consultation in AI-integrated social media, analytics, SEO, and digital marketing for the CIPR, the Media Trust, the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), Understanding ModernGov, and the SMi Group.

He has shared his expertise with over 3000 organisations over the last 15 years, including NATO, the Department of Environment (DEFRA), NHS, Specsavers, Sky, Jaguar Land Rover, Disney, and many others.

In addition to his work with corporate entities, Andrew has also extended his AI and digital marketing training to numerous charities and foundations, such as the Wellcome Trust, Alzheimer’s Society, Cure Parkinson’s, Dogs Trust, and Blesma.

Andrew’s commitment to digital innovation is evident in his early adoption of communication technologies such as e-mail (1990), the World Wide Web (1994), and Twitter (2007). Known as the “de facto godfather of PR blogging”, Andrew continues to influence the industry with his insights on the confluence of PR, social media, search optimisation, and AI.

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