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Andrew Bernard

We are all Culture. We can’t expect ‘culture’ to change unless we change first.

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Andrew Bernard likes to be called Bernie, and he’s been a professional speaker since 2006. He’s been delivering keynote talks and workshops since then on varied topics, including: Equality, Masculinity, Domestic Abuse, Men’s Mental Health and Male Cancer and so far he’s worked with over 165,000 people in various settings. Bernie has delivered keynotes at BBC New Broadcasting House, Nursing in Practice, NHS, Teaching and Social Work Conferences on the importance of understanding healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Bernie has worked with dozens of blue-chip global organisations including Rolls Royce, Siemens, BAE Systems, Kellogg’s, SHARP, Jaguar | Land Rover, McBride and GEC to design and develop challenging events where educators and young people compete whilst gaining insights into manufacturing careers and opportunities. He has MC’d launch events in National Careers Week for careers professionals at The Royal Society and Parliament.

He is the author of The Ladder – a careers handbook for schools and businesses to help support young people towards successful futures and confident career choices and is currently working on Where Are The Men? a call-to-action for male allies to help create more safety and equality for women at work, in the home and wider society.

Bernie is known to his clients as a humorous and dynamic speaker who believes in equality and works to challenge unhealthy workplace norms, to recognise boundaries and workplace bullying, to help men become allies to women and people of colour in their workplace and encourage empathy and flexibility in everyday interactions. What Makes A Man is his developmental programme to challenge unhelpful dominance-based masculinity and stereotypes in order to encourage more empathy in men and boys.

As Bernie himself says: “I believe in reflecting on the challenges I and my family have faced in order to turn them into learning and development opportunities for others through my work. My testicular cancer, both my workplace bullying experiences and my sister Sarah’s death at the hands of her violent partner have all shaped my purpose and topic areas across a wide range of audiences”.

Bernie’s expertise & topic areas:

  • Empathy Lightbulbs: moving people towards more empathy and away from Judgement.
  • EDI isn’t a tick box exercise…we need to practice empathy to really make EDI work.
  • Men’s Mental Health and Male Cancers.
  • Allyship.
  • Controlling / Abusive behaviour (including workplace bullying).
  • Equality and masculinity.

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