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Alex Mahon

As the CEO of Channel 4, Alex Mahon stands out as the first woman to lead a major UK broadcaster. She has revolutionised the company into a digital-first public media entity. Her focus behind the scenes has been on fostering diversity, equitable representation, and creativity within the organisation.

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Alex’s career journey is diverse, including roles as a scientist and a kitchen porter before transitioning into TV production. She began her television career with positions at Talkback Thames and FremantleMedia. Subsequently, she headed various creative production companies aimed at growth and global expansion, notably serving as CEO of Shine Group, known for producing hits like MasterChef and Broadchurch. Following this, she led Foundry, an innovative visual effects software company pushing the boundaries of film and TV production.

At Channel 4, Alex has adeptly navigated numerous challenges, from adapting to changing audience demands and integrating new technologies to promoting diversity within the media workforce. Channel 4, with its unique public-private funding model, faces significant scrutiny from the government, regulators, and the media. Under Alex’s leadership, the company has maintained a delicate balance between producing creative, provocative content and fulfilling its public service obligations. She has also addressed practical issues such as enhancing the network’s regional presence and championing talent diversity through initiatives like 4Skills.

Alex upholds Channel 4’s legacy as an independent, trailblazing organisation both on and off screen. Her tenure has seen a seamless blend of traditional broadcasting and streaming platforms. The programming continues to spark national discussions on topics like inclusion and social change, reflecting the company’s commitment to these issues.

This commitment is evident in Alex’s efforts to review and improve Channel 4’s policies to support employees dealing with menopause, fertility issues, or pregnancy loss, breaking long-standing corporate taboos.

Alex shares her experiences in leadership, discussing change management, growth, innovation, crisis management, and authenticity. Drawing on extensive research into Gen Z, she explores how businesses can engage with this demographic as consumers and colleagues. She delves into nurturing creativity within an organisation and creating a unique, open, and supportive culture. Additionally, she examines the challenges of catering to a digital-first audience inundated with algorithm-driven content options.

Alex’s industry involvement is extensive. She has chaired the Royal Television Society Programme Awards, served as a Non-Executive Director of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, and participated in the DCMS Advisory Panel on the BBC and the UK Government Creative Industries Council. She is an ambassador for London Tech Week and a founding member of WITs END, a network for women’s development in the tech industry.

Alex has been honoured with Variety’s International Achievement in Television Award and an International Royal Industrial Fellowship.

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