Speaker Trends for 2019

22 Jan 19

By Paul-Stuart Greenough

Every year there are new talking points in the national conversation, some can be expected, with British sport being huge around the time of the 2012 Olympics in London; and some can be unforeseen, such as national security after an attack. Raise the Bar has put together five speaker trends that we think will be big this year based on where the national conversation is now and where we think it is headed.

Politics/Economics – British politics and their place on the world stage have become a juxtaposition; increasing prominence in the global news cycle while simultaneously becoming more convoluted and confusing to the every-man. ‘Brexit’ has been the dominant topic of conversation in the UK for the last two years at least, so it is no surprise that political experts and economic strategists are such highly valued speakers in times of political uncertainty. To see our top politics speakers click here.

AI/Robotics – With companies such as SpaceX and OpenAI placing space, robots and artificial intelligence firmly in the mainstream, an interest has been sparked around the world for futurist and tech speakers. The idea of what was once science fiction turning into science reality is a gripping and mind-boggling thought. Where is tech heading? What are the limits of human intelligence? What are the ethical and social repercussions of ploughing money into AI research? All big questions with even bigger answers. To see our top tech experts click here.

Environment/Sustainability – 2019 seems to be the year of environmental awareness. Veganism is more popular than ever before, recycling, whilst having a slight dip in the last year, is not too far off the UK’s national target of 50% of all waste products being recycled. With the issue of climate change and a soon-to-be ‘next great extinction’ heavily reported on, it seems a switch has been turned on with the world’s populous. Environmental activists and green energy scientists are the innovators shaping the world and potentially saving it. How can organisations be greener? How can their staff play a part? These are the questions being asked and environmentalist speakers are the ones who can give the answers. To see our top Sustainability speakers click here.

Digital Security & Risk – As tech giants get bigger, the first two, trillion-dollar companies (Amazon.com and Apple) hold hundreds of millions of people’s personal details in the cloud and we are seeing massive data breaches at international corporations, people are feeling less and less safe online. Digital risk, web security and online privacy experts are more popular than ever, helping people to grasp the complexities of the world wide web and keep their personal information safe while they do it. To see our top online risk speakers click here.