Sarah Knight

Sarah Knight

Award winning culture and leadership consultant. Trainer in human skills

Sarah specialises in people. A fractional people director, a talent coach and trainer in human skills, a leadership and management consultant, business mindset coach and expert in workplace culture & wellbeing, Sarah is a qualified NLP practitioner utilising science based techniques to develop skills, strengths and emotional intelligence.

Sarah has spent the best part of the last 25 years building teams, developing staff and helping people reach their potential.  Her coaching, consultancy and training programmes provide hands on, practical, tailored training that empowers individuals and helps them develop their own personal styles; all beginning with their management mindset. Sarah specialises in people development helping individuals build their emotional intelligence and develop their human skills – the foundation stones for business (and life) success.

At the heart of her business lies her ethos to help individuals thrive (not just survive), to develop their strengths and skillset, and, crucially, their mental wealth. By focussing on mindset, individuals, teams and the people leading the business, the individual and the business can be more productive, efficient, creative and less likely to suffer from burnout. This belief led to the launch of her business training academy, Mind the Gap Business Academy, in 2020.

Sarah has appeared on a number of podcasts and in articles talking about developing a growth mindset whilst being a human leader.