RTB Training Programme Given Royal Seal of Approval

13 Nov 18

By Paul-Stuart Greenough

We were absolutely thrilled in early October when we were informed that the ‘Business of Tennis’ training programme we created for the Tennis Foundation had been awarded the Princess Royal Training Award.

Our Head of Experience Kirsty Mac attended the ceremony on October 31 along with National Community Indoor Tennis Centre Manager Scott Reid, to receive the award.

Speaking after the ceremony she said: “It was a really proud moment sitting in St James’s Palace. I think it hit me when I was sat there and thought we are actually in the palace.

Princess Royal Award LogoAfter all the massive amount of work that we have done as a team – and when I say team I mean the Tennis Foundation, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and everyone at Raise the Bar – to produce a product that is award winning; it’s a real testament to the LTA and to Scott. He was really, tenacious in everything he did regarding pushing this through. For every single delegate, I give you a virtual high five. It was through their stories of achievement, of success, of tenacity, of patience, of inspiration, of motivation that this award is for.”

The Business of Tennis programme was created by Raise the Bar in collaboration with the Tennis Foundation and the LTA, who are both working in partnership to support the Community Indoor Tennis Centre (CIT Centre) network. Our training programme has helped and will continue to help the 53 UK CIT Centres that are so vital to communities around the country.

Princess Royal Training AwardOur Director of Learning Shaun Lanceley said of the achievement: “Raise the Bar is honoured to have received this accolade for the programme we developed, designed and delivered. We are overjoyed that the successes we have achieved with our client have been recognised with the Princess Royal Training Award 2018.”

On the process of producing a training programme with a Royal seal of approval, Kirsty added: “From the first time we started doing the needs-analysis with Scott – originally it was a leadership programme – but we very quickly saw it was a business development programme. I remember there was one point when we were doing what felt like an epic tour of tennis centres, gathering needs and understanding the requirements, where we’d been in the car for a long time and he turned to me and said, “is this possible?” and firmly at that point I just said “absolutely”. To see Scott from the LTA get up on stage to receive the award was a genuinely humble moment. I really wanted to recreate that Julia Roberts moment from Pretty Woman where she shouts “woo-woo-woo” but it’s apparently uncalled for in the palace. It was really, delightful to see the difference in all the organisations that there were too. It was a genuine and quite surreal moment.Princess Royal Training Award Kirsty Mac

“The programme that we’ve put together is great and we’ve started some really strong conversations. I’m really, excited to see where it’s going to go next.”

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