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One to One Coaching

14 June 2016

Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. One to one coaching matches one of our highly skilled coaches to an individual depending on their personal needs.

Our approach works by focusing on an individual’s strengths and how they can use these qualities to implement control, confidence and commitment in their lives to achieve their potential. Through one to one coaching allows our coaches establish a relationship of openness and trust by identifying outcomes, goals and a pathway to achievement using a programme of structured tools and techniques developed from the world of elite level performance.

Why do people have coaching?

People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve their situation and achieve their goals. A skilled coach uses a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. Self-belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action are the products of coaching.

The right level of awareness & responsibility is a key factor for achieving excellence. The mind is key: “The opponent within one’s own head is more formidable than the one the other side of the net.” (Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game).

Benefits include:

  • Improved sense of direction and focus
  • Increased knowledge of self / self-awareness
  • Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved personal effectiveness, e.g. focused effort
  • Increased resourcefulness / resilience, e.g. ability to handle change

Personal Coaching Programme: 6 – 12 months and sessions are backed up with email and telephone support.
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