Fit for Leadership

The Fit for Leadership programme is led by our highly qualified performance coach and health and wellbeing expert. Senior leaders are challenged to consider the many factors that affect their performance in the workplace.

Leaders gain insight into the science, physiology and psychology behind performance optimisation while undertaking a personal journey, looking at their strengths and weaknesses. We introduce them to sophisticated technology to understand the world of elite performance and gain greater awareness into their health and well-being and with it their ability to perform. Performance & Lifestyle heart rate monitors are used for three consecutive days and nights to analyse the relevant stress levels and the individual’s ability to recover.

Participants subsequently receive one-to-one consultation on the monitoring results and coaching to help identify areas of their life in which to set goals. By the end of this intensive and unique programme, senior leadership teams will have a personal understanding of how to perform at a consistently high level. They take away immediate strategies in the seven pillars of personal performance:

  • Psychology / Mindset
  • Environment
  • Recovery & Recuperation
  • Food & Fuel
  • Organisation
  • Responsibility
  • Movement

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