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Booking the Right Event Speaker

23 January 2017

We deliver keynote speakers for over 880 events and conferences each year, from intimate meetings to global AGMs – the key for our clients is trust, challenge and support. Our priority is to create maximum impact, by getting the right speaker to the right event.

There are four important things to consider when booking the right event speaker…

Who is the audience?Motivational Speaker

Booking a speaker who can communicate at the level of the audience is crucial – there’s nothing worse than an audience feeling patronised or disengaged with the message. Match the speaker to the audience, and if it’s going to be a real mix you must ensure the speaker is experienced enough to deliver a message that resonates with everyone.

How do you want the Audience to Feel?

This is important for a lot of reasons. Do you want an industry expert to educate on new trends? Do you want a recognisable Olympic speaker to instil pride and inspiration? Do you want a motivational speaker to leave your audience feeling ten feet tall? Do you want a business speaker to challenge the audience? Or perhaps you want an after dinner speaker to entertain around the tables?

What are your key priorities and absolute musts?

What is your Budget?

This will always be an important factor and you must manage your expectations. You need to get it right at your event, you’ve already spent time and money on the planning and production, make sure you invest in the content too. Give us a ballpark figure to work from and we will ensure we find you the right event speaker, with the right content, for the right fee.

What else is Going on that Day?

You want the event to flow, and your speaker should compliment and feed into the day’s activities, bringing the content to life.

Is it going to be a morning session to set the tone? Or are you planning an afternoon session to kick start the afternoon? Or maybe an after dinner event? Perhaps you are holding an awards ceremony to show your appreciation to your hardest working staff?Motivational Speaker

You’ve made the investment so why not follow the speaker with some facilitated sessions that bring your messages to life and give it longevity with key actions to take away? It’s also important to remember that many of our speakers can deliver much more than the standard 45 minutes so don’t be constrained – it’s the outcomes that matter!


Here is a list of our top 10 most wanted speakers in 2017 to give you a head start…

For our list of speakers and subject matter experts visit or call our team of dedicated speaker consultants on 0203 137 7353.