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Meta Learning

Are you looking for new ways to unite
and connect your talent?

Perfect for talent spread across geographical boundaries, our ground-breaking approach to delivery merges traditional learning with MetaLearning to create unforgettable learning experiences that inspire your talent in a truly unique way.

Why this programme?

Our programmes are built around your unique challenges but it’s the learning experience that sets it apart. Our innovative delivery method:

  • Creates a truly memorable & impactful experience

  • Connects your global talent

  • Reduces travel, time and cost

  • Embraces a new way of learning

The Details

This MetaLearning approach brings your talent together as if they were in the same room, regardless of their international location.

Gone are the monetary and time costs involved in connecting people to create a collaborative experience - VR makes learning and development more accessible without compromising on the benefits of face-to-face contact.

All this, plus the immeasurable improvements on the carbon footprint of your organisation, providing transformational change to the way you work and learn.

Our immersive, customised spaces are based around the most in-demand and relevant leadership challenges of today and we can also bring in global experts and thought leaders to lead the conversation with your people.

Don’t settle for ordinary leadership development when you can step into the future and inspire your people with a boundary-breaking approach.

Who’s it for?

By learning in this environment learners come together in a distraction-free environment that stimulates more of their senses, leading to a faster learning process. This not only helps them retain focus but also enables them to develop a deeper understanding of materials and content, meaning knowledge is recalled and retained for longer.

*No experience of using VR is needed as it’s extremely intuitive, plus introductory sessions will be run as part of your programme to ensure your talent get the most from this incredible experience.

Those completing the programme will:

  • With a focus on innovation, transformation and continuous improvement, our VR-based approach is the perfect tool to develop the mindsets required of future leaders.
  • Don’t settle for ordinary leadership development, when you can step into the future with Raise the Bar.

Considering a leadership Development programme?

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