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Elevate your people’s skills knowledge and behaviours with our short, targeted and interactive masterclasses, covering the essential topics they need to lead and manage effectively.


Why choose Elevate?

Your people will each have different skillsets, so Elevate is designed to upskill in-line with their own development plans, allowing you to cost effectively plan targeted skills development.

  • Driven by the latest thinking

  • Led by global experts and the best trainers

  • No expensive development costs

  • High impact, short interventions

The Details

Choose from in-house or open sessions led by global experts and the very best management and leadership experts.

What you’ll gain:

Choose from a wide range of topics covering essential leadership and management skills. Each 3 hour live, online masterclass is individually priced and will feature pre and post-session resources to support and challenge your people to develop their skills.


Elevate Masterclasses

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  • 11 Sep 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    High Performance Leadership

    Jamil Qureshi

    One of the world’s most in-demand High Performance Psychologists

    Jamil’s session takes us through a practical understanding of how to cultivate mindsets for optimising talent in a disrupted world. Using principles that have been shared with six people who have used these ideas to become number one in the world in their chosen field, and with insight into the companies he advised last year, delegates will be taken through an insightful and entertaining look at how we can create positive change through obtaining different outlooks.

    This session will give insight into:

    • How we can change behaviours by changing thinking
    • How we can create a culture of responsibility
    • How we can create a mindset for performance and growth
    • How we maintain motivation
  • 16 Oct 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    Change Leadership

    Professor Damian Hughes

    Best-selling author, performance expert and co-host of the ‘High Performance’ podcast

    Damian is a highly respected performance expert, having worked with many high-profile names throughout his career. As well as being author of 12 best-selling books, Damian is also well-known for co-hosting the ‘High Performance’ podcast.

    In his session, Damian covers how the highest-performing people are able to successfully face change – and how you can too.

    Drawing on interviews with record-setting athletes, Olympic coaches and leading business founders, Damian introduces the five simple steps that take you from where you are to where you want to be. And then introduces the cutting-edge research that explains why these surprisingly simple tools are so effective.

    These will include:

    • Dream: imagining the life you want
    • Leap: daring to go after it
    • Fight: how to reframe the inevitable setbacks that occur
    • Climb: how to create momentum
    • Arrival: what happens next?
  • courageous-conversations
    Closed, in-house cohort £1,750 for a maximum of 12 delegates

    Courageous Conversations

    It’s fair to say that many individuals, leaders and teams don’t call out bad behaviours in the workplace.

    It’s fair to say that many individuals, leaders and teams don’t call out bad behaviours in the workplace. The problem is this: by not calling out bad behaviour, they’re just as much to blame. They’re encouraging others to behave this way and in some instances, may even be rewarding bad behaviour by going along with it. And it’s fear that’s standing in the way of them taking action.
    When poor behaviour is accepted, it makes a big impact on the culture of the team and the organisation.

    So don’t wait a month or two. It’s all in the timing, and it’s essential to have those conversations
    there and then, when the behaviour is witnessed. The key to doing it however, is the ‘way’ in
    which you do it.

    What this session covers:

    • Scene set – why we should ‘call it out’
    • Possible causes and common errors
    • 7 step framework for your courageous conversation
    • Tool 1 - Effective feedback using the AID model for a difficult conversation
    • Tool 2 - Structuring an open statement – Fierce Conversations™
    • Tool 3 - Courageous questions
  • Presenting-with-Impact
    Closed, in-house cohort £1,750 for a maximum of 6 delegates

    Presenting with Impact

    Knowing how to improve communication skills is something your people will be thankful for when they have to share their ideas with an audience!

    There are huge payoffs to be gained from becoming a more confident speaker - these far outweigh the temporary discomfort that comes with learning how to do it. Not only can good presentation skills help us when we need to give presentations to a room full of people, but even when we’re talking to customers, pitching clients or simply explaining a new idea to our colleagues. If you think about it, we’re presenting ourselves in some way more or less all of the time while we’re at work. Being able to tell stories with data is a skill that’s becoming ever more important in our world of increasing data and desire for data-driven decision making.

    What this session covers:

    • Adapting your style
    • Giving structure to your presentation
    • Killer visuals
    • Fielding challenging questions
    • Presenting using storytelling
  • 9 Oct 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    ED&I Leadership

    Dr Asif Sadiq MBE

    Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for Warner Bros Discovery

    In this session, Asif talks about how Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s now a business imperative. He discusses the challenges and opportunities of the future of D&I, how organisations can instil a journey of learning through creating psychological safety for all and how leaders can transform the “why” for Inclusion by being authentic, vulnerable, and above all, simply human.

    The session will explore:

    • The journey from Diversity and Inclusion to Belonging
    • Why ED&I learning is a journey not a one off training
    • 5 ED&I topics to discuss with your team
    • What leaders can do to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace
  • TBD
    Closed, in-house cohort £1,750 for a maximum of 12 delegates

    The Coaching Habit

    Coaching is about taking a person from one situation to another, more desirable one by using questions designed to get that person to envisage their own path

    It allows for long-term, excellent performance, self-correction and self-generation. It’s a way of empowering staff and encouraging performance by letting people decide for themselves how they’ll get to where you mutually agree they should be.
    Both training and coaching have their place in every organisation. Understanding the main differences between training and coaching can help leaders make sure they use the right tool for the right tasks. If they can do that, everyone benefits.

    In this session we cover:

    • What is ‘coaching’?
    • Getting in the habit
    • The GROW model
    • Key coaching skills and behaviours
  • 17 Jul 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    Digital Leadership

    Thimon De Jong

    World-renowned author and expert on generational leadership & the influence of human behaviour

    Thimon de Jong is a behavioural expert specialising in the future of human behaviour. In a turbulent, digitalising, uncertain world, making sense of the future is more important than ever. A world-renowned behavioural expert, Thimon helps you understand what people are going to do next and what that practically means for leaders and organisations. He works for clients like Morgan Stanley, Google, IKEA and L’Oreal and lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University.

    In this session, leaders will learn:

    • What kind of leadership is needed in the 2020s where the world is in a state of ‘polycrisis’ (a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering that is caused by many different crises happening at the same time).
    • How to be a digital leader and leverage new technologies (e.g. AI, Metaverse) best while keeping human engagement and trust as high as possible.
    • How to manage the multi-generational work place where the youngest generation – Gen Z – is causing quite a bit of turbulence.
    • How to get their teams and themselves to embrace future (technological) change.
  • 18 Sep 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    Commercial and Strategic Leadership

    Chris Brindley MBE

    Award-winning business leader and former UK NED of the year

    Chris is a high-profile business leader and a leading specialist when it comes to customer experience, leading teams, employee engagement, performance management and sales management, particularly within organisations where change is on the agenda.

    In his session, Chris will share a number of tools including:

    • An introduction to the Balanced Business Scorecard (BBS) to ensure a business is able to clearly measure whether its strategy is working.
    • Strategic planning tools to help understand factors critical in shaping a future proof strategy.
    • The 3 Revolutions that businesses will need to constantly review to ensure that they remain agile in a VUCA world.
    • Stakeholder management. Leadership is about building effective relationships internally and externally to ensure effective execution of the business plan.
    • How to create capacity as a leader to ensure regular strategic and commercial planning takes place.
  • TBD
    Closed, in-house cohort. £1,750 for a maximum of 12 delegates

    Agile Thinking

    Agile leaders recognise that people work best when they are enabled, engaged and energised.

    Agile leaders recognise that people work best when they are enabled, engaged and energised. Empowering individuals is a necessary skill of the agile leader as they balance the emerging needs and tensions of the organisation. Agile leaders recognise that empowerment is not an ‘all or nothing’ concept. The agile leader is one who adapts, yet there are many good leaders in organisations who rarely do so.

    In this session we cover:

    • Proactivity and agility in the workplace
    • Communication, commitment and collaboration
    • The Nine Principles of Agile Leadership
  • 12 Jun 24
    Open cohort, £395 per person

    Neuroscience of Leadership

    Stephanie Fairhurst

    Thought leader and Psychological Skills Mentor at Chimp Management (The Chimp Paradox)

    Stephanie specialises in helping business professionals and companies improve performance and productivity, bringing about individual change in an organisational setting. She facilitates getting the best out of teams and individuals by helping them understand the human mind as a manageable machine and developing insight and emotional skills to improve performance through achieving greater happiness, success and confidence.

    By attending this session delegates will gain leadership insights, tools and techniques to:

    • Understand the key elements of the “Chimp Model” i.e. The Chimp, The Human and The Computer
    • Improve self-awareness, manage your “Chimp” and understand the underlying elements of emotional intelligence
    • Reduce individual stress levels and achieve stable performance
    • Improve communication with both clients and team members
    • Improve your performance both personally and professionally
    • Develop strategy to improve your team’s confidence and performance

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