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Picturing 2018!

14 Dec 17

We decided the afternoon before our staff Christmas party would be a good time to do some team building – so we got creative!

We finished work at 12 pm and had lunch together before breaking off into small groups. In our groups, we created a visual metaphor for where we think Raise the Bar is now and the components, skills and mindset we need to get to where we want to be.

We looked at:

Where are we now?

Where do we have the opportunity to be?

How will we get there?

What challenges will we face

What behaviours & skills will we need?

How will it feel when we have got there?

We had metaphors like snakes and ladders, a tree that isn’t fully grown, a blender and two desert islands.

We learnt a lot about where each of us sees the business today, where we want to be, how we plan on getting there and the things that could hold us back…

And we are all excited to come back in 2018 and Raise the Bar to reach those goals!!