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Pauline Sanderson & the Longest Climb to Reach the Guinness World Record

02 Jun 17

Pauline Sanderson has had a colourful career as a barrister, Himalayan expedition leader, company director, marketing manager and development trainer. However, it was her Guinness World Record success that gave her a platform to share the formula for her positive mindset.

Pauline delighted audiences with the story of how the Everestmax team completed the world’s longest climb by cycling 8000km from the Dead Sea in Jordan to Mt Everest base camp and then continued to summit. The story is amazing enough given the countries, distance, terrain and weather they went through but it was how they did it that really caught the attention of every audience.

“I used to wonder what value a story about cycling and mountaineering could offer anybody. The fact is, when you are put under physical or mental stress, it doesn’t matter if you are climbing a mountain, answering emails or preparing for a board meeting, you can employ the same mental tools.  I am lucky enough to have a great visual aid in the form of stunning pictures and video which makes it easy to show those mental tools in practice”

A positive mindset is essential to a healthy and happy life at work and home. Once you have the tools and knowledge about how to approach stress, problems and perceived obstacles, life becomes easier and you are a nicer person to yourself and those around you. What’s not to like?

Positive Mindset comes under three main headings for me…

Enjoying your Journey:

Most of us have chosen the journey we are on. We have chosen our job, our partner, our friends. So, take responsibility for those choices and instead of complaining about them, make them work. Look for and take opportunities to enjoy them. Easier said than done? Maybe, but life takes effort. The only thing we are all entitled to is fresh air. Happiness is not an entitlement. Fairness isn’t either. Some of us have to work harder than others but you can be the victim or the opportunist. It is a choice. On the Everestmax journey, we could have complained about the wind, snow, rain, heat, border controls and illness. Did we? No, because we had chosen to be there and instead we embraced them and found the fun in adversity and hard work. That is what we had signed up for. We took the time to play football and cricket with the locals. It took effort but the rewards were tenfold. Success can’t always bring happiness but happiness can bring success. It has been proved time and time again that somebody with a positive mindset will reach their potential more readily.

Growth Mindset:

Your ability to choose your mindset makes a huge difference to how you judge yourself and others. If you choose to have a fixed mindset where you cap your own potential by being scared of failure, you will never realise your potential. A growth mindset educates you to see obstacles, failures and disappointments as opportunities to learn or develop if you choose to. When I joined the team at the Dead Sea, I had no idea how far I would be able to go but I had every intention of finding out. I made mistakes on the way and learnt along the way. Mistakes only count if you don’t learn from them!

Managing Emotions in the Heat of the Moment:

Professor Steve Peters has written a book called The Chimp Paradox. It explains how to manage the areas in the brain that cause you to flip out, get angry, panic, get anxious and generally act illogically in stressful conditions. It involves understanding an area in the brain which he calls the “Chimp“. The Everestmax team all managed their chimps incredibly well in very stressful situations. Having this mental tool kit saves energy that can so easily get wasted on negative emotions and negative outcomes. There is only so much energy you can have in a day so save it for the good things in life!Pauline is available for motivational speaking & Positive Mindset Workshops. To check her availability for your event or conference contact our dedicated team on 02031377353 or email enquiries@raisethebar.co.uk

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