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New Speakers To Look Out For

05 Feb 19

We have a wide range of speakers at Raise the Bar, covering everything from the future of tech; multi-generations in the workforce; how to improve cybersecurity and how to combat unconscious bias. We’ve put together a shortlist of the top speakers to look out for this year who have recently joined the RTB repertoire.

Raef Meeuwisse is one of the most popular authors in the fields of cybersecurity and social engineering, he has written books on how easily humans can be influenced and controlled and has worked in consulting on security for over 50 organisations.  He has trained as a hypnotist, a helicopter pilot and has designed a multi-million-pound security software platform. Raef is a frequent provider of commentary for multiple technologies and mainstream news outlets and has appeared in Infosec magazine, ZDNet, TechTarget, TEISS and on Sky broadcast news.

Karishma Kotak has donned the covers of worldwide magazines such as OK!, Hello, Elle, FHM, Maxim and many more. Having worked as a journalist and presenter, Karishma knows how to communicate with an audience whether live or through the camera lens. Never one to shy away from an International challenge, Karishma spends the majority of her days travelling around from city to city anchoring corporate events with some of the biggest clients in the world. Her corporate gigs have seen her speaking in front of a range of audiences for the likes of Mercedes, JP Morgan, Range Rover, Standard Charter and the W Hotel to name a few.

Sam Kusi is a thought-provocateur who fuses the latest research with gripping storytelling and refreshing humour to illustrate how addressing the present diversity and inclusion anomaly requires a strategy to break free from static managerial conventions that often prevent exponential results and untapped talent. His aim is to inspire, stimulate, engage and uplift.

Matt Keen’s 20-year career has spanned a range of roles from HR, IT consultancy, corporate banking and organisation design consulting. Combining theory with practical real-life examples from his extensive corporate experience, Matt brings together leadership, communication, organisational complexity, agility and unconscious bias. Matt is a pioneer of Agile HR, having worked with visionary CEO, John Cotterell and the Agile IT teams at Endava which led him to re-evaluate the role of HR and the implementation of a truly innovative programme to create, support and embed the necessary leadership behaviours, people processes and mindset across modern businesses.

Petra Velzeboer has had an unusual life. After being raised in the Children of God cult with the pressure to save the world, and with no formal education she moved to the UK and has gone on to help young offenders, those suffering from mental health and start her own practice in 2014, having completed her MSc in Psycho-dynamics in 2012. She is an expert in resilience, mental health, adversity and isolation after dealing with these issues head-on in her own life. Petra knows that the world of work is changing and organisations who are ahead of the curve in mental health innovation, retain staff, avoid long term absences, create safer places to work and are ultimately more productive environments.

Eliza Filby is one of the world’s leading experts on generational change and changing values. Helping organisations to understand Generational Intelligence, how to get ahead with Gen Z and how to retain Millennials and consumer loyalty. She has lectured at some of the world’s top universities including the London School of Economics, Cambridge and Harvard. In 2014 she founded her company Gradtrain, which is now one of the leading training companies in higher education. She helps businesses get to grips not only with their younger cohorts and consumer base but helps businesses address the ‘Generation Gap’ in their office and market – delving into questions such as how are the different generations operating within the company and consumer sphere, and what practical things can be done to harmonise these relations and maximise opportunity?