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Edwin Moses

Dr Edwin C. Moses, a former Olympic Champion, Sports Administrator, Diplomat and Businessman, is one of the most respected and recognised athletes of our time.

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Roberto Forzoni

Roberto Forzoni is an acclaimed speaker and one of the world’s leading authorities on performance psychology.

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Stef Reid MBE

Stef is a World Champion, 4x Paralympian, Broadcaster, and Keynote Speaker specialising in High Performance and Diversity and Inclusion.

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Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed is an author and highly acclaimed speaker in the field of high performance. He has written seven best-selling books on the subject of mindset and high performance – Bounce, Black Box Thinking, Rebel Ideas, The Greatest, and his celebrated children’s books, What do You Think?, You Are Awesome and Dare To Be You – and has worked with many leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement.

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Derek Redmond

In the Barcelona Olympics, Derek’s hamstring snapped in the semi-final of the men’s 400 metres but Derek hobbled over the finish line with the help of his father. This inspirational moment has been viewed millions of times since and his resilience has made him a global icon and a symbol of determination.

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Mark Pollock

Everything Mark Pollock does is about inspiring leaders and their teams to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible.

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Justin Hughes

Expert on building high-performance cultures.

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Steve Smith

Steve Smith is one of the most sought-after speakers with extensive experience of working with leading corporate organisations Raising the Bar for clients across the globe for over 20 years. He is a former Academy of Chief Executives speaker of the year.

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Ken Way

Ken Way has been improving the performance of individuals and teams in the worlds of business and sport for more than thirty years.

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Professor Damian Hughes

Professor Damian Hughes is a bestselling author who combines his practical and academic background within sport, organisational development and change psychology, to help organisations and teams to create a high performing culture.

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Mission Excellence Fighter Pilots

The Mission Excellence Fighter Pilots are a highly trained team from The Red Arrows who focus on improving clients’ execution, leading to sustainable and measurable performance improvement. Their methodology is based on personal experience of consistently delivering results against the plan in complex high-pressure environments.

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Ollie Phillips

Ollie Phillips, founder of Optimist Performance, transitioned from a career as a world class professional rugby player, to a business leader and motivator in the corporate world. Ollie is England’s most successful Sevens captain, leading England to three World Series victories and was named World Rugby Sevens’ Player of the Year in 2009. Ollie is also a multiple Guinness World Record holder and adventurer, and he now applies his experience to help business teams to overcome adversity and achieve success, through a variety of high impact speeches and interactive sessions that inspire positive change.  

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