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Emma Mills-Sheffield

Consultancy & coaching for businesses to be efficient, productive & resilient. Helping leaders to understand strategy & put it into practice

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Dr Frank Dick OBE

As one of the country’s best and most consistently inspiring motivational speakers, Frank is riding high on the outstanding results from his position as High-Performance Director at SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) where he was the consultant to South Africa’s top coaches and athletes at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. RSA achieved 10 medals with 2 Gold, 6 Silver & 2 bronze. Four of those medals were won in athletics, Franks area of expertise.

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Jane Viljoen

Jane Viljoen is a Multi Award Winning Corporate Psychologist who specialises in the field of developing emotional intelligence, coaching & mentoring, communication, leadership, increasing personal impact and maximising human potential

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Jon White

Jon White is a Leadership Consultant who has experience delivering talks, training and coaching internationally and across the private, public and third sectors. He draws on his personal experience from over a decade’s service as a commissioned Officer in the Royal Marines and overcoming the injuries he sustained in Afghanistan.

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Sam Jones

Sam shares his unique research tools with his experience coaching the UK’s brightest public figures and influencers to create higher performance and better well-being within young people.

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Kirsty Mac

Kirsty Mac is an executive coach, speaker, facilitator and conference host. Her specialities include leadership development, communications, customer experience and coaching. Kirsty works with top entrepreneurs and executives to help them to new levels of performance and success.

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Sue Powell

Sue Powell is a leadership coach, trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker. She trained as Co-Active Coach with the Coach Training Institute (CTI), a highly respected, US-based training organisation, and is now a Coach Trainer, developing the next generation of leadership coaches. CTI was the first to receive international accreditation from the International Coaching Federation for its Coach Certification programme.

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Pete Mosley

Pete Mosley’s specialism is in working with introverts, quiet and shy people and those who lead and manage them. He helps people to think through key issues in respect of quiet people and their needs in relation to diversity & inclusion so that workplaces get the very best from quieter and more energised team members alike. He works with corporate clients, local authorities, universities, and not-for-profit organisations.

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Keith Antoine

Keith Antoine is a veteran coach who has trained junior and senior runners in both Olympic and Paralympic competition, including Richard Whitehead, Stef Reid, and the men’s amputee 4x100m relay team.

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Kate Brassington

Kate Brassington is a Pracademic Coaching Psychologist, host of Moving Beyond Trauma Podcast & helps leaders learn from the wisdom of trauma.

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Dr Gary Crotaz

Dr Gary Crotaz is an executive coach, award-winning author, keynote speaker and host of the hit podcast The Unlock Moment. Formerly a doctor, a professional dancer and a senior retail executive, when it comes to personal growth and transformation, he’s ticked most of the boxes!

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Jonathan Peach

Jonathan Peach did that usual thing of spending decades working in leadership and consultancy roles where everything was just fine. Until one day it dawned on him that ‘fine’ probably wasn’t anywhere near good enough! So he set about raising his personal bar to ‘brilliant’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

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