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Meet Our New Starters

10 Oct 18

By Paul-Stuart Greenough

We’ve all been there. The first day of a new job can be daunting and getting to know everyone can take a while, so we’ve profiled Raise the Bar’s new starters to make things a little easier.

Firstly, we have Lucy Jones one of our new Apprenticeship Coaches, originally from Coventry and now Living in Southport. The mum-of-one can be found looking after her daughter; watching (hopefully not learning from) murder and crime documentaries “I have a morbid fascination with them” and when she gets a chance, blogging about raising a toddler who acts like a teenager. She’s a massive Disney fan, admittedly having watched (the original) Beauty and the Beast hundreds of times. Although that may be a slight exaggeration. Lucy can’t sing, but if she could… Mariah Carey’s vocal ability would be her ideal.


Then we have Paul Taylor, our prized Data Coordinator. Driving daily into our offices from Newton-le-Willows. Does he prefer football or rugby? Trick question. He likes them both equally. Wigan Warriors for the rugby and Liverpool for the football. They aren’t the only sports he enjoys – he’s also captain of his local pool team. So much so he can be found on weekends at his local pub with friends and family, only going for the pool and company… but if he’s persuaded, he can be partial to a crisp, cold pint of lager. His favourite film is the classic, Snatch and his top ‘desert island disc’ would be the Manic Street Preachers’ Everything Must Go.


Our Communications Manager position was taken up by Paul-Stuart Greenough (aka Paul) from Formby, which can be a bit confusing as the second Paul in the office. He loves a large glass of red, or two, or three on a weekend. His two main “self-confessed obsessions” are American Horror Story and Beyoncé. He’s six foot three inches tall, but a softie, admittedly crying every time he watches Titanic.


Our second new Apprenticeship Coach is Traci Van Marle (how fantastic is her name?) Living in Croxteth, Traci can be found fighting daily with her rambunctious cat; dressing up as, and dancing to Madonna (either with friends or at home alone); enjoying dozens of cups of tea or laughing at her favourite comedy shows. The Lost Boys and Madonna’s Like a Prayer, although very different pieces of creativity, are her guides for life.


Moving onto our Internal Quality Assurer we have Hannah Robinson. Another Southport resident – this time, one who loves cucumber infused water and working out at the gym. On the side, she dabbles in event management – such a talent! She can be found looking after her little boy and in the moments that she gets a chance to relax, she loves a glass… or bottle of prosecco. The unusual and intense film Face/Off is her favourite. From that you may assume she has a wacky favourite song, but no, her favourite is Spandau Ballet’s Through the Barricades. Hannah is a truly multifaceted woman.


Finally, we have Laura, our Learning and Development Coach, originally from Rome, now living not far from our offices. She is a (practically professional as far as we can tell) salsa dancer. Fluent in her native tongue, Italian as well as English, French and Spanish. Fluency in Russian is her next goal. She doesn’t particularly like rats “but I don’t hate them” but she does love the film Ratatouille – cartoon rats get a pass for their ability to communicate with spoken word. Extreme’s More Than Words is her all-time favourite song. What a choice.

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