Make an Impact!

19 Feb 15

In the first of our webinar series this week our expert communication coach Kirsty Mac focused on Impactful Communication. The webinar gave insight into how to communicate effectively ensuring you’re having the conversations that really matter.

Whether consciously or sub-consciously, verbally or non-verbally, we are constantly giving messages to those around us and by increasing self-awareness we can start tailoring our communication so our messages resonate with any audience.

Make an impact and have the right conversations, not the easy ones…

Right Way

Distinguish whether the method of communication is appropriate for the conversation. Some conversations are best to have face to face, others are great on the phone, letters are perfect for some conversations whilst often email will suffice, if you’re not sure, ask yourself if you’re choosing the best method or the easiest method?

Right Agenda

Why are you having the conversation? Know your agenda, name the conversation and have objectives for what you want to get out of the conversation to make it impactful. Know if there is a hidden agenda, and does this need to be hidden?

Right Time

Make sure you allocate enough time in your diary, allow time to listen and to express yourself, but also ensure it is the right time to be having the conversation.  Too often we act on impulse and have conversations too soon, allow yourself time to settle and gather your thoughts.

Right Place

The environment plays a huge part in how impactful our conversations are; many factors such as noise and location can distract from what is being said and heard. Selecting the right location with the right level of noise can really influence how you listen and how you are heard.

Right Person

Ask yourself, ‘Am I having the conversation with the right person?’, and if not, why not?


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