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Supporting all of our Learning Programmes

In our digital age, we believe that your learning experience should be supported in a modern way. For this reason, we partner with Engage Solutions Group to leverage cutting edge technology such as augmented reality and collaboration functionality to give you the digital edge!

Engage Solutions Group (ESG) are our strategic partner, and their platform is the power behind our learning app, but there is also a fantastic opportunity for clients to access and leverage the rest of the solution to drive wider engagement efforts.

As with the learning app, ESG recognises that to truly engage you have to have the right framework, creative content and slick delivery mechanisms that really excite and inspire. So it’s mobile-first, boasts a unique Social Media for Business suite that transforms internal communications, and offers support for cutting-edge AR content. It also wraps up all those engagement essentials – next gen intranet, rewards and benefits, pulse surveys and ideation, self-service and self-help.

Everything is accessible via the app in the same way as the learning content. Extending usage offers our clients a seamless segue into the world of engagement and the means to transform individual experience, operational efficiency and organisational effectiveness.

And for those clients who want to go further and drive engagement end to end, the platform pivots effortlessly from internal to external. It underpins the entire customer lifecycle, building relationships beyond the transactional and driving revenue through increased sales, reduced churn and higher levels of satisfaction and brand advocacy.




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