Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Using our specialist knowledge, extensive experience and unique access to dynamic thought leaders we have created a range of relevant, high impact solutions to develop your people and create lasting change.

The world is changing rapidly…… We are experiencing exponential growth and disruption…..Competition is now global and across sectors…..Technology is advancing rapidly…..Consumer and employee expectations have increased.

It is now more important than ever to invest in your greatest asset – your people – to remain competitive, sustainable and ensure success.

You need to attract the best talent, develop the talent that you have, and retain such talent to meet the many challenges that you face, whilst remaining competitive and sustainable. You need the skills, behaviours, tools, and mindset in your business to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Our Development Solutions

Invest in your people
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Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

Give your existing leaders & managers the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to excel.

Invest in your people
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Change Catalyst Online Programme

Inspiring a new generation of leaders to think and lead differently through our global thought leaders masterclass programme.

Invest in your people
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Empower | Woman in Business Programme

A unique online programme of four interactive masterclasses giving your people the opportunity to network with like-minded women.

Invest in your people
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Bespoke Development Programmes

Raise your organisations talent with our bespoke leadership & talent development programmes.

There are three things I value about working with Raise the Bar; one, I’ve been able to trust them, two, they’ve been great listeners, they’ve listened to my needs and tailored solutions to deliver on the commitments I have made to my teams. Finally, they’ve been great partners, trusted partners, all the way through my journey with Barclays over the past five years.

Raise the Bar are a really easy organisation to work with. They have vast number of different experts that they work with along with their varying specialities. They’re really flexible, they’re always keen to learn about our organisation and are really adaptable, spending a lot of time making sure they deliver the best possible outcomes.

We partner with Raise the Bar to deliver our Leadership Programmes. They are a breath of fresh air, delivering what can sometimes be dry and academic in a refreshing and dynamic way. By mixing theory with practical examples they bring the subject to life, presenting messages which are perceived as both inspiring and relevant to delegates.

Why Choose Raise the Bar?

At Raise the Bar we are passionate about making a difference and are proud of the Raise the Bar experience that we provide:

Extensive experience and specialist knowledge

Access to high-profile speakers and thought leaders

Innovative delivery methods

In-house design team contextualisation

Passionate about working in partnership

Award winning (Princess Royal Training Award)