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Empower – Our unique online programme provides the inspiration, stimulus and tools for the women in your business to grow in confidence, create positive impact and thrive.

Four interactive masterclasses with inspirational women for a programme price of just £995 per person.

Develop and amplify the existing strengths in your organisation by supporting your female talent to push boundaries, build resilience, and improve their confidence and desire to succeed with our Empower – Women in Business programme.

With four interactive masterclasses featuring inspirational women who have achieved at the highest level, key insights from a panel of senior women leaders and the opportunity to network with like-minded women, this programme will unlock potential, highlight capabilities and provide the inspiration and stimulus for those looking to grow in confidence or take to the next step in their career.

We are the first choice learning and development training programme provider for many leading businesses. Our Empower – Women in Business programme is priced at just £995 per person and is the ideal choice for the talented women in your business.



Our Empower Women in Business programme will help your aspiring people to:

Benefits of joining Empower:

Programme Masterclasses

Session 1: MINDSET April 18, 2024
MINDSET           Image

Claire Lomas MBE

British campaigner, fundraiser and former event rider. First Paraplegic to finish The Virgin London Marathon.


This opening session is a masterclass in inspiration, setting the overall tone for the programme and helping you to get in the right mindset for your journey on Empower. It also provides the opportunity for you to get to know your fellow delegates, building a network that will stay with you throughout your career.

When it comes to mindset, overcoming barriers and pushing boundaries, we can think of no one better than Claire to share her story. In the first half of this session, you will hear how she had reached the highest level in her sport when a freak accident left her paralysed from the chest down. Her whole world turned upside down and she had to battle through the darkest of days.

Over time, Claire had to reinvent herself and take all the opportunities she could in order to rebuild her life. She has become one of Britain’s most inspirational women, having raised close to £1m for charity. In 2012, she made worldwide headlines when she walked the London Marathon using a bionic suit and has since become the first paralysed female in the UK to obtain a motorcycle race license and more recently has received her pilot license.

In the second half of this session, Kirsty Mac will take Claire’s teachings and demonstrate how they can be applied to the context of the business world.

This session will explore:

  • Resilience in difficult situations
  • Motivation to push through times of uncertainty or unease
  • The importance of a positive approach
  • How to use all 3 of the above to overcome challenges in business and to stay focused on achieving your goals.

Claire Lomas MBE

A freak accident left Claire Lomas paralysed from the chest down, but she was determined not to give up. She made worldwide headlines in 2012 when completing the London Marathon in a pioneering robotic suit taking 17 days, and lit the Paralympic cauldron for London 2012.

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Claire is an extremely positive person whose enthusiasm is infectious. Her story is so inspiring and teaches many lessons on how a positive mindset can influence change and growth.

Claire, you are an inspiration and all of our delegates found your session moving, motivating and entertaining in equal measure. How you have found the strength to do what you have done, I will never know! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Claire Lomas is a brilliant speaker. Claire is able to connect with you emotionally, and her story holds many lessons. I highly recommend – an incredible story from an incredible woman.

Claire’s masterclass was fantastic. A lovely woman, with a truly inspiring and positive outlook on life – her story is inspirational.

Session 2: IMPACT May 16, 2024

Penny Haslam

Former BBC Presenter and Author of ‘Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous’.


The importance of impact and getting exposure for what you do cannot be understated, unless you want to be a best-kept secret, of course! Failing to raise your personal brand profile means the difference between getting overlooked or standing out.

Most of us instinctively understand this but putting it into practice isn’t always easy. We might hold ourselves back, see others as more deserving of the spotlight, or simply lack the skills to communicate with more impact.

And communicating in large organisations, using tech while we work remotely, throws up its own set of challenges when it comes to showcasing the great work we do.

Penny is no stranger to overcoming these blockers. Having been a best-kept secret in the workplace, Penny worked hard to find ways to get known and trusted. She now shares her practical ideas about why you should, and how you could, showcase what you do, without feeling like a show-off.

This interactive session covers:

  • Why increasing your visibility is a big part of your job – even though you’d rather it wasn’t!
  • An easy way to share your ideas and expertise, so you can enjoy greater impact – in person and online.
  • Ideas for powering up your profile, that don’t cost you time, money or embarrassment.
  • And, how to combat the self-criticism that often stops us from getting the visibility we need and deserve.

Penny Haslam

Penny Haslam is a ‘bit famous’ – as a former business presenter on BBC Breakfast, the News Channel and Radio 5 Live. She is also a popular event host and can often be found interviewing the biggest names in business from around the world.

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Penny’s session was sensational and our delegates went on to use what they learnt to great effect. What was also highly impressive was how Penny engaged with everyone through the camera and held their attention from start to finish.

Funny, engaging and professional are how I’d best describe Penny! She was professional from start to finish, and the whole session was seamless. The fact that attendees are still talking about what she said explains that our money was well spent.

Penny absolutely lived up to her reputation! She’s fun and engaging, she makes you think, and our people left the session with tangible actions. I highly recommend.

Session 3: EVOLVE June 20, 2024

Kirsty Mac

One of Europe’s most sought after Executive Coaches, Leadership Consultants and podcast host.


Being able to communicate openly and make decisions on which conversations to have and not to have are skills which are often overlooked or neglected. If communication was the only skill we honed we would be incredibly impactful and progressive in navigating our careers. Especially as communication makes up so much of our work lives: Zoom calls, Teams meetings, FaceTiming, face-to-face meetings – they are all based on having conversations, but often we find we’re failing to have the conversations that are most needed.

Dialogue isn’t simply about talking either, it’s also about listening, really listening so that we truly hear what people are saying rather than just what we interpret or presume. And knowing how and when to have the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time is an important skill in itself.

So, how do we create the inner confidence to evolve our communication skills in the business world and build our psychological safety to be able to speak our minds freely?

The main line of work Kirsty undertakes with organisations is in communication – conversations that happen and those that do not.

This interactive sessions will explore:

  • The importance, consequence and impact of our conversations (or lack thereof).
  • The different types of conversations that exist in business.
  • The blockers of our dialogue, external and internal.
  • The stories in our businesses.
  • The generosity of our ears.
  • Our conversation rituals.
  • Conversation models, tools and technologies.

Kirsty Mac

Kirsty Mac is an expert in communication working with thousands of individuals to help them become inspirational leaders. Kirsty works with entrepreneurs and executives to transition them to their next level of success.

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Kirsty’s enthusiasm is infectious!

Well presented and organised as usual, and it led to some interesting discussions.

Always a pleasure listening to Kirsty, she is very engaging.

Session 4: ACCELERATE July 18, 2024

Ayo Sokale & Panel of Senior Business Leaders

Panel discussion including an inspirational keynote presentation delivered by BBC Presenter & Civil Engineer, Ayo Sokale.


BBC Presenter, Civil Engineer and Environment Speaker – just a few of the many roles Ayo Sokale plays, showcasing her broad range of talents. But with her diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, Ayo has also become an empathetic and inspirational keynote speaker on diversity & inclusion, covering mental health challenges and how to overcome them.

The final part of the session and the closing of the Empower programme, will be a unique opportunity to hear from a powerhouse panel of inspirational women, who have accelerated their careers to the highest levels. Tying together the topics from the entire programme, they will talk about their experiences as women in business, provide real-life examples of challenges they faced and overcame, and will offer advice and answers to the questions you put to them. These women are all leaders from clients that work closely with Raise the Bar and are shining examples of how to perform to your full potential.

Ayo Sokale

BBC Bitesize Science Presenter Ayo Sokale possesses an array of talents and expertise, placing her at the cutting edge of the evolving scientific, environmental and media landscape.

A Chartered Civil Engineer and Project Manager for the Environment Agency in Eastern England, Ayo is a popular Keynote Speaker on the environment and sustainability. She is also a STEM ambassador and mentor, encouraging others to take up careers in Civil Engineering. Ayo was also nominated for the Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35 initiative run by The Telegraph in partnership with The Women’s Engineering Society and is a popular Diversity and Inclusion Speaker.

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Amazing talk! Thank you, loved your energy!

Thank you, my mind is BUZZING!






Programme host Kirsty Mac

One of Europe’s most sought after Leadership Consultants and co-host of one the UK’s most popular leadership podcasts, Kirsty Mac is your programme host throughout. Kirsty is an expert in communication working with thousands of individuals to help them become inspirational leaders. She works with entrepreneurs and executives to transition them to their next level of success.

Claire’s Masterclass was fantastic.  A lovely woman, with a truly inspiring and positive outlook on life – her story is inspirational.

A network of highly skilled women in the workplace looking out for each other and succeeding together.

This course has made me face reality. If you don’t speak out about what you do, your passions and especially your successes, then simply no-one is going to know. I have listened to many personal stories during this course from inspirational guest speakers and other attendees and I know now that I am no different – I have a story too.

Empower will make you sit up and listen, but more importantly help you back in the work place, everyday there will be little tips that pop up into your mind that you can put into the world of work to make a difference.

The programme is thought provoking and a great forum working with fellow Women in business and hearing their experiences.

Really thought provoking content which helped me think though behaviours which can help or hinder my career.

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