Managing Equality and Diversity

Managing Equality
and Diversity

Champion equality and diversity in your organisation

Equality and diversity shouldn’t be seen as a ‘hot topic’ or one that’s confined to the realms of the HR function. It should be ingrained in the very make-up of your organisation as this is how positive change is achieved and sustained.

The equality and diversity landscape has evolved significantly and more organisations are now investing in this area to increase awareness and expand the responsibility of their E&D initiatives across the entire organisation.

This programme has been specifically developed to provide your people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to evaluate existing policies and influence positive change.



What’s covered in our programme

There are two main areas of focus for this programme:

  • Being able to influence the D&I strategy in your company and how it is implemented
  • Understanding the law, your company policies and what these mean in practice

Via our online community platform, networking also provides the opportunity to:

  • Meet like-minded E&D champions from across different sectors
  • Be exposed to the varying strategies organisations can implement
  • Discuss and brainstorm the differing approaches that can be taken towards E&D

We understand that organisations have differing development needs, which is why we’re offering delivery of this programme in two different formats:

  • ILM Level 4 accredited option: Split over 5 half-day workshops, this comprehensive programme provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to create a diverse workforce, establish an inclusive culture and ensure equal opportunities. It includes an in-depth evaluation of your own organisational policies and procedures through completion of a written assignment.
  • Non-accredited option: where preferred, we’re also able to deliver a bespoke, non-accredited version of the programme for closed, in-house cohorts.

ILM accredited programme only £1,295

(Price per person +VAT)

Who is the qualification for?

Anyone with a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion! But particularly those with a responsibility for promoting this within your organisation.

Programme outcomes:

Delegates completing the programme will:

  • Become a champion of change, helping to influence staff and managers at all levels
  • Be able to confidently communicate the business and personal benefits of equality and diversity
  • Gain the knowledge and ability to monitor and assess equality and diversity policies and practices
  • Improve their confidence in dealing with cases of harassment, bullying or victimisation
  • Produce a tangible action plan for your organisation

Raising the bar further for our learners

Our stand-out programme also includes access to a complimentary workshop with a global expert
to supplement and further ingrain the learnings of the course.



An overview of how equality and diversity can help drive innovation, employee retention and high performance. With some practical tools that can be applied to reduce some of the barriers to inclusion at work, such as unconscious bias. An inspiring workshop, led by a renowned expert in the field.

Managing equality and diversity is crucial for any organisation to ensure different perspectives are considered and represented. It is also important as it shows an organisation has values and attitudes that are progressive and reflect the society that we live in.

Managing equality and diversity is not an overnight process, or something that can be outsourced. It’s a commitment to change, to want to make your company a great place to work, to saying no to how it’s always been done. By integrating equality and diversity into all aspects of operations, companies will be at the forefront of innovation and in turn open to a range of opportunities that will attract top talent.

Maggie Alphonsi MBE
Women’s Rugby Team World Cup Winner

Highly recommended intense course with practical tips and techniques. Lots learned and lots to do!

ILM Level 4 Learner

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