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Virtual Reality

A first in Leadership Development, this truly unique programme focuses on the most relevant leadership challenges of today through collaboration and learning in ways we never thought possible.

Six transformational sessions with global experts for a programme price of £3,995 per person.

Take a step into the future and place yourself ahead of the rest with our boundary-breaking virtual reality (VR) leadership development programme – Change Catalyst VR.

Stepping away from the traditional classroom setting, our programme is delivered in the metaverse, merging both physical and digital worlds to create an immersive learning environment unlike any you’ve seen before. You become part of the scene in your learning experience rather than simply watching from the outside, providing a truly active experience rather than just passive information.

Made up of six inspirational sessions delivered over six months, this programme features incredible thought-leaders such as the author of global bestseller ‘Legacy’ – James Kerr, and Psychological Skills Mentor at Chimp Management – Stephanie Fairhurst.

In a dynamic and adaptive 3D environment, we connect you with these speakers and a network of like-minded, forward-thinking leaders as if you were together in the same room, regardless of your location.

On registration you’ll receive your VR headset and from there we’ll provide the inspiration, stimulus, and tools to help you think and lead differently in exponential times. As well as inspiring content, this programme offers you a glimpse into the future of the workplace and collaborative technology.


virtual reality?

By learning in this environment, VR provides learners with a focused and distraction-free approach that stimulates more of their senses, leading to a faster learning process. This not only helps them retain focus but also enables them to develop a deeper understanding of materials and content, meaning knowledge is recalled and retained for longer.

With a focus on innovation, transformation and continuous improvement, our VR-based approach is the perfect tool to develop the mindsets required of future leaders. Don’t settle for ordinary leadership development, when you can step into the future with Raise the Bar.

 *Programme price includes your VR headset for your ongoing use, giving you access to the latest technology and shaping your thinking long after the programme has ended.

*Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience of using VR, it’s extremely intuitive plus introductory sessions will be run prior to the programme start to ensure you can get the most out of the experience.

Programme Masterclasses

Session 1: Exponential Thinking
Exponential Thinking Image

Laila Pawlak

Leading expert and Co-Founder & CEO of Rehumanize Institute


Laila is one of Europe’s leading thinkers on innovation and disruption. As Co-Founder & CEO of Rehumanize Institute and a lecturer at the world-leading Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Laila challenges delegates to think differently.

This session will:

  • Help delegates to explore the mindset of an exponential thinker
  • Explore the DNA of disruptive organisations
  • Take a look at the role of technology and AI within innovation and disruption
  • Enable delegates to be more confident in acquiring new perspectives for competitive advantage and sustainability
  • Help delegates to understand the role they can play in championing innovation and disruption within their own organisations

Laila provides some fascinating examples of disruption and innovation and brings it all together with an easy to use tool, enabling delegates to bring the theory and ideas to life through a humanised approach.

Laila Pawlak

Laila Pawlak is an expert on exponential technology, disruption and the impact that this has transforming how we interact with our customers. She works with organisations across the globe and is the co-founder of DARE2mansion – a 1300m2 Professional Playground in Copenhagen that serves as an incubator where entrepreneurs, businesses, and academia come together to create unique experiences and new businesses.

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You were awesome, Laila!

Can’t wait for the next session. I feel proud, a little terrified and super excited to hear about the digital biological revolution, to contemplate living until I’m 120, and to just soak up all of Laila’s brilliance.

We were lucky to experience a workshop from Laila Pawlak on Exponential Thinking, making us think about what truly is the art of possibility when it comes to technology, responsibilities and culture in an organisation.

Thank you Laila for your thought provoking talk on how to lead through technological change and bring more humanity to the fore.

Really thought provoking and engaging

Brilliant session! It was that good I made my kids read my notes

The session blew my mind

Session 2: Optimising Performance
Optimising Performance Image

Stephanie Fairhurst

Thought-leader and Psychological Skills Mentor at Chimp Management


Stephanie specialises in helping business professionals and companies improve performance and productivity, bringing about individual change in an organisational setting. She facilitates getting the best out of teams and individuals by helping them understand the human mind as a manageable machine and developing insight and emotional skills to improve performance through achieving greater happiness, success and confidence.

By attending this session delegates will gain leadership insights, tools and techniques to:

  • Understand the key elements of the “Chimp Model” i.e. The Chimp, The Human and The Computer
  • Improve self-awareness, manage your “Chimp” and understand the underlying elements of emotional intelligence
  • Reduce individual stress levels and achieve stable performance
  • Improve communication with both clients and team members
  • Improve your performance both personally and professionally
  • Develop strategy to improve your team’s confidence and performance
The Chimp Paradox

Stephanie Fairhurst

Stephanie specialises in helping business professionals and companies improve performance and productivity, bringing about individual change in an organisational setting. She facilitates getting the best out of teams and individuals by helping them understand the human mind as a manageable machine and developing insight and emotional skills to improve performance through achieving greater happiness, success and confidence.

Stephanie’s business career has spanned marketing and business development in multinational organisations in manufacturing, professional services and IT, living and working in the UK, Europe, USA and South America for 15 years before founding and running her own companies in property development and construction for 10 years. Her international experience brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced in businesses large and small and provides the context in which she delivers her workshops, speeches and one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

Her deep interest and experience in different national and corporate cultures fuels her drive to help individuals realise their potential. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in French and German and a Master’s degree in European Management from Cranfield University and is a former Territorial Army Officer in the Royal Engineers. She loves spaniels and enjoys competing, rather slowly, in triathlons.

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Another great session with loads to takeaway and implement daily.

Completely engaging and delivered at the right pace and right level for the audience.

Great session, thoroughly enjoyed and Stephanie was fantastic in her delivery and facilitation of the Chimp model.

Programme Learner, JCB

The session was superb, I could have sat and listen for another two hours at least.

Found the whole session captivating and very engaging – I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Brilliant and engaging – can definitely see this could be life changing.

Session 3: Inclusive Leadership
Inclusive Leadership Image

Hayley Barnard

International speaker and expert on Diversity & Inclusive Leadership


Hayley is a communications expert and delivers comprehensive speeches and talks where she explains the psychology behind unconscious bias. Hayley Barnard is a keynote speaker aiming to equip leaders to champion diversity as well as being a consultant to top-level executives throughout the UK and Europe.

In session 2, Hayley challenges delegates to analyse ‘what it is like to be on the other side of you’ and inspires small changes that can have a significant impact on their ability to influence people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages, preferences, and so on.

This session will:

  • Provide delegates with a sound overview of how diversity and inclusion can help drive innovation, employee retention and better business results
  • Explore the traits of an inclusive leader and how they differ from more traditional styles of leadership
  • Understand the barriers to inclusion at work, such as unconscious bias, and how it might be impacted their leadership
  • Explore the personal and leadership actions delegates can take to reduce the impact of bias, focussing on small changes to make big impact to build inclusion
  • Provide practical inclusive leadership tools that can be put in to practice immediately to attract, support and retain a fully diverse team and/or customer base

Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard is a respected thought leader in organisational diversity and inclusive leadership. Working with some of the best-known brands in the world she has shaped their strategic approach to inclusion and built inclusive leadership capabilities that support greater collaboration and a sense of belonging for those they lead.

Hayley Barnard tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences’ working lives. A straightforward but highly engaging speaker, Hayley Barnard uses her expertise to ensure inclusion is something that can be accessible to all organisations.

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Great facilitation and talk from Hayley, I really enjoyed listening to her. It’s a tricky subject and it was handled brilliantly.

This is helping to create meaningful changes at my organization. I have learned so much from this session and can already use it in my conversations/projects.

It was incredible inspiring and thought provoking. I left the session with an abundance of tips and best practices that I felt immediately able to action upon.

Hayley was incredibly engaging.

I absolutely loved the way Hayley facilitated from start to finish. Totally engaged throughout!

Really great session, full of thoughts an tools to takeaway to make change.

Hayley was a great speaker, insightful, thought provoking and actionable – I love a session where I can come away with I can use that straight away, I can build that into my leadership style.

Session 5: Hybrid Leadership
Hybrid Leadership Image

Kirsty Mac

One of Europe’s most sought after Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants


One of Europe’s most sought after Leadership Consultants and co-host of one the UK’s most popular leadership podcasts, Kirsty Mac leads session number five of the programme. Kirsty Mac is an expert in communication working with thousands of individuals to help them become inspirational leaders. Kirsty works with entrepreneurs and executives to transition them to their next level of success.

Kirsty uses her extensive experience working with organisations across the globe, and her infectious passion, to challenge delegates to think about their role as a leader in the modern world and how this might have changed in leading remote teams, enhancing self-awareness and further adding to the leadership toolkit.

This session will:

  • Enable delegates to understand their preferred leadership style
  • Explore what makes an extraordinary leader – the characteristics they possess, and behaviours demonstrated
  • Explore the importance of purpose and its alignment with day-to-day activities to improve leadership capability
  • Focus on personal brand and what is important to delegates as an individual and a leader
  • Ensure delegates have the right support structure in place to fast track their potential

Kirsty Mac

Kirsty Mac is an expert in communication working with thousands of individuals to help them become inspirational leaders. Kirsty works with entrepreneurs and executives to transition them to their next level of success.

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Always a pleasure listening to Kirsty and very engaging

Well-presented and organised as usual, and it led to some interesting discussions

Kirsty’s enthusiasm is infectious

Session 6: Creating Culture
Creating Culture Image

James Kerr

International performance expert and author of global best seller ‘Legacy’


James Kerr is the author of ‘Legacy’, the best-selling business book, which gives a fascinating look into the most successful sporting team of all time, The All Blacks. After spending an unprecedented amount of time with the All Blacks, James has a unique insight into what it takes to build high-performing teams.

A superb presenter and a natural storyteller, within his session, James draws upon his experience with the All Blacks, and other elite teams such as the Special Forces, the Red Arrows and the Ghurkas to emphasise what it takes to be a high performing team.

As well as providing some great examples that can be directly applied within delegates’ own organisations, James provides a framework which delegates can use to turn their intentions into specific actions.

James’ session focuses on;

  • Creating a team environment that maximises trust, psychological safety and high performance
  • Humility as an individual and leader
  • Implementing and putting values into practice
  • The characteristics of High Performing Teams
  • Marginal gains
  • Making leadership decisions under pressure

James Kerr

James Kerr is a best-selling author and speaker with a unique insight into what it takes to build high-performing teams. He is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Legacy’, one of the year’s most talked about business books, which gives a fascinating look into the most successful sporting team of all time, The All Blacks.

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James Kerr was a fantastic business speaker who provided a unique and insightful view into the All Blacks. The audience loved the way James linked the success of the All Blacks to the success of a business with many key tips and messages given along the way. James made an effort to speak to our guests and was professional, approachable and inspirational.

Legacy is still one of my favourite books, and culture/values is something that’s been particularly pertinent for me as I progress through my own experiences of leadership – so to have this webinar has been amazing.

Thanks for an excellent session with James yesterday. Really insightful and some great take-aways.

What a great webinar with James Kerr. He has given me so many things to think about.








Guided virtual reality programme of six interactive masterclasses

Access to great minds and inspiring content, this programme will provide you with practical tools and a glimpse into the future of the workplace.

A learning experience I’ll remember forever, taking me into a metaverse and networking with people from across various different industries and sharing innovative ideas.

It was incredible, for someone not very tech savvy it was easy to use, and the support if you did need it was readily available, with hosts approaching you to check you were ok and knew where you needed to go.

The visuals were incredible, and interaction with speakers and fellow learners was so easy to do. The best thing was being fully submerged in the learning, no emails popping up, or any other distractions!

A brand new and exciting way to learn, but more importantly for me, one that had kept my undivided attention with no other distractions! Highly recommended!

Seeing really is believing – it’s leaps ahead of what I thought it would be like! Jaw dropping for sure.

An already world beating programme just stepped into space!

It was a truly unique and innovative experience that was not only thought provoking but also allowed me to explore the endless possibilities of the metaverse!

Lots of learnings and as technology develops we are going to continue to see news ways of learning, connecting, and exploring – and being virtual doesn’t necessarily mean being less human!

I was impressed by the expertise, creativity and attention to detail in creating a highly engaging and immersive experience for us all.

Our Learner case studies

What better way to understand what it’s like to embark on one of our development programmes, than to hear directly from our learners!


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