Leadership and Management Programmes

Leadership and
Management Programmes

Inspire a new generation of leaders with our online leadership and management programmes.

Develop your Leaders
with our leadership and management programmes

Our online leadership and management programmes are a great way to grow your existing and aspiring leaders and managers. We facilitate the learning of skills tools and high performance in an ever-changing landscape

Change Catalyst Online Programme

Change Catalyst Online Programme

Change Catalyst is our unique online programme focusing on the most relevant leadership challenges of today. The programme provides the inspiration, stimulus, and tools to think and lead differently in exponential times.


Empower | Woman in Business Programme

A unique online programme of four interactive masterclasses giving your people the opportunity to network with like-minded women all looking to flourish in their roles creating a positive impact and realising their ambition.

Empower | Woman in Business Programme

I left each session full of ideas, thoughts on new ways or working and inspired to learn and do more. And most importantly I’ve utilised more ideas, frameworks and thinking from Change Catalyst than any other training programme I’ve attended in my entire career. I would recommend the programme to any leader or aspiring leader who is looking to challenge their own thinking and improve their leadership skills. World class!

David Coleiro
Co-Founder and Client Relationship Director, Strategic North

What attracted me to Change Catalyst is the idea of being able to connect with people from different industries, exchange ideas and to hear from specialists in the area. I really like the speakers, I’ve heard about the majority of them and I was excited to also attend lectures from speakers I’ve never heard of before, so when I saw Change Catalyst and the opportunity came and landed on my desk I didn’t even think about it.

Elena Grigorova
Head of Process Simplification, Santander

I love people and missing the physical connection I didn’t think I would get as much from a virtual programme – but I couldn’t be more wrong! I really appreciated mixing with different folk in the rooms rather than people just on the tables, the smaller numbers brought much more focused in depth (at some points) discussions. The polls were useful and something we may not have done in person. I felt really connected all the way through.

I also feel that being at home made for a more relaxed environment where I was able to take in much more. I’ve been much more productive work wise as I’ve been able to work top/end and catch anything critical during lunch.

Sheryl Fenney
HR Director – Fanatics -UK