Kick Start Your Day

01 Apr 15

What is your morning routine? We invited top salesman and development expert Ian Moore to give us an insight into the small steps he takes of a morning to help ‘kick start’ his day….


Are you not a morning person? Is it all too much hassle? Well we all have to start somewhere. Studies show us that habits tend to form in 21 days. So just start off with just small steps, the important part is to start somewhere.

“The longest journey starts with the smallest step”.

Five Minutes of Reading an Inspirational Book

If you have more time, use it, try reading emails or checking the news later. The emails can wait for five minutes and you can have no effect on the news, so why worry about it? The reality is that the news is typically doom and gloom, so don’t put yourself in that position.

I personally opt to read ‘The Magic of Metaphor’ by Nick Owen, often just as little as two chapters, just a little food for thought.

Five Minutes of Planning

Typically I will take five minutes each morning to plan my day, what does the journey I need to put in place look like to move me closer to my goals? Try simply visualising what a great day looks like, not necessarily the end goal, think more of the small steps you will take in which to get there.

I also prepare a to-do list, and then work my way through it, step by step. It is important to remember the process in which you will take, rather than the overall goal itself, which should take care of itself. We’re quick to acknowledge our failures, so make sure you celebrate each success, no matter how small.

Two Minutes of Gratitude

Lastly I take time to appreciate everything I have to be thankful for, this could be something as small as the breakfast on the table, or the coffee you’re drinking. Doing this will help put you in the correct frame of mind to tackle the days encounters.

For me, drawing on what you have to be grateful for helps quieten those negative thoughts that appear of a morning, helping you focus on what you can do, rather than worrying about what you can’t. It is amazing how easy we get caught up in negative thoughts, compared to the challenge in focussing on what’s going right.

“Small changes make a big difference.”