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How Assertive Are You?

20 April 2015

Are you an assertive person? Are you strong willed enough to stand by your own principles and beliefs?

Being assertive implies that you have courage in your views and opinions and you will stand up for what you believe is right. Assertive people are well respected and have confidence in their actions and beliefs. After all, we’re all more efficient when we have conviction in our own abilities and that we’re making a positive difference.

Assertive people know how to earn others’ respect and more importantly, they know when to say ‘no’ whilst always being conscious of their impact on those around them.

By exploring the quality of being more self-assured and confident, without being aggressive, and working on making some small changes anyone can start to benefit from being more assertive:

  • Be concise and to the point, you don’t need to offer long explanations to justify your beliefs
  • Remember the importance of keeping eye contact and an upright posture, talk slowly and in a calm tone
  • Be polite but firm


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