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Engaging Employees for Organisational Success

David MacLeod OBE

26 February 2016

David MacLeod OBE is a world leading employee engagement expert who advises the UK Government and organisations on a number of key topics including employee motivation, retention and strategy. Employee engagement is important for the benefit of the employees and also for the benefit of the organisation in achieving what it is they set out to achieve. David outlines four things that organisations in the public, private and non-profit sectors tend to do when they seem to be successful.

Visible Leadership

  • Be Clear on what you’re trying to achieve, where you want to take the team, and what your purpose is
  • Make sure every person not only knows their role, but feels part of the journey

Engage Your People

  • Treat your people as human beings, not human resources
  • Be clear about what is expected whilst also giving a level of scope, autonomy and constant coaching
  • Praise – but only authentically!

Employee Voices

  • Listen to your people, always
  • There is no obligation to implement every single idea your team comes up with, but you must genuinely listen and consider their options
  • Whatever the problem in an organisation, employees are central to the solution


  • Close the say-do gap
  • Do the values on the wall reflect the behaviours you display?
  • Have the right conversations, not just the easy ones


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David MacLeod OBE


David MacLeod OBE is co-Chair of the Employee Engagement Task Force launched by the Prime Minister at Number 10 in 2011. 

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