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EU Automation Apprenticeships

14 April 2022

EU Automation are a fast growing, global supplier of new, obsolete and refurbished industrial automation parts. Their global teams are able to get machines back up and running within 24 hours, saving companies millions by avoiding unnecessary downtimes. EU Automation specialise in the procurement of essential and hard-to-find automation components required to keep the manufacturing world turning.

EU Automation have supplied 2,043,276 parts to 59,794 customers in 166 countries.

The Challenge

Due to the scale and pace the business has grown at over the last 5 years and continues to grow at, EU Automation needed to add a more defined structure to its teams and create new manager positions. As soon as this was identified, they wanted to make sure that the managers in these new positions were fully equipped with the correct tools and skills to be successful in their positions. This led to the decision to invest in external development to be able to achieve this.

The Solution

After thorough research, Raise the Bar were seen to have the most commercially aligned courses on the market, providing a competitive advantage over other ‘typical learning providers’. EU Automation chose to enrol 23 team leaders and first line managers onto a closed cohort of the Excelling in Team Leadership Level 3 Apprenticeship programme. The closed cohort enabled the course content to be fully contextualised to EU Automation, ensuring it was relevant and more meaningful to the learners and fully met the needs of the organisation.

Current and future leaders at EU Automation were enrolled on to Raise the Bar’s Level 3 Excelling in Team Leadership Apprenticeship programme.

Our Level 3 Excelling in Team Leadership programme helps delegates to:

  • Grow in confidence
  • Effectively lead and manage teams
  • Manage projects
  • Plan and monitor workloads and resources
  • Deliver operational plans
  • Build relationships internally and externally
  • Resolve problems
  • Manage conflict 
  • Be more self-aware
  • Make decisions
  • Communicate effectively

The Outcome

The course has given their leaders the confidence, self-awareness and management skills to really succeed in their new roles. The biggest impact was felt from the face-to-face learning sessions with the development coaches which proved invaluable to all their learners. The closed cohort also had the added benefit of strengthening internal relationships amongst their learners as they were aware of the challenges each other faced and were to support each other due to this.

Since being on the programme, many of the learners have been involved in ongoing projects, budget planning and team development using the new skills and techniques they had learnt, with many of these being naturally ingrained into their everyday working behaviours. There has also been a number of promotions.

Not only I have benefitted from the course, but also my entire team has as they have a stronger leader and I was able to share some of the gained knowledge with them.

I have definitely gained and developed new skills. I can now handle conflict very well and I am very self-aware and able to reflect on my behaviour and the behaviour of others.

I am using the skills, knowledge and behaviours on a daily basis and I think often I use them without even realising that I am doing it, as it has become such a natural part of my daily work life.