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Improving Your EQ

11 August 2017

It’s not surprising that today’s successful people need to display strong emotional intelligence to achieve great results professionally. EQ is now arguably more important than IQ.

In this blog post we will look at three key interpersonal skills; Assertiveness, Communication and Influencing. These skills, when developed correctly, can significantly increase your level of emotional intelligence, giving you insight into how communication and body language affects behaviour.


The good news is your EQ, or your level of emotional intelligence, is subject to change and can be significantly improved and developed. A high level of emotional intelligence means you have the interpersonal skills that make a huge impact in the way you perform at work and at home; studies have shown a direct correlation between top performers and having a high level of emotional intelligence.


Assertive people are more confident in expressing their opinions and are respectful of the views of others as they’re able to identify levels of assertive behaviours in others. Becoming more assertive helps you say what you want when you need to, whether this is starting to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or setting your own priorities for how you spend your time.

By becoming less passive and more assertive, your messages will be much conveyed more effectively than before, see the example below.


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Great communication is vital, it helps us understand our audiences better, listen more effectively and ensure we are having the right conversations, not just the easy ones. By understanding your own unique communication style you’re opening the door to knowing the way you filter information when communication as well as gaining insight into the communication style of others.


Well-honed influencing skills help us to build lasting relationships that are positive, professional, and productive. Possessing the ability to establish credibility and deal assertively with stakeholders, at whatever level is invaluable, so why not start influencing powerfully and successfully?

By developing these three essential skills surrounding successful talking, listening and observing you’re equipping yourself with the tools to help make stronger connections, build a better rapport, handle objections skilfully, plus much more!


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