Andy Reader

Andy Reader

Leadership Development Facilitator

Andy is a highly experienced, pragmatic, and creative L&D professional with a strong passion for helping individual learners and teams reach and exceed their development goals. His priority is always that, through his practical, work-ready training and coaching, his learners develop high levels of skill that are immediately transferable to the workplace. 

He has worked as an Operational Manager and trained across a broad spectrum of industries, from financial services to waste management, and at all levels of seniority from shop floor to senior executive. This range of experience means he can quickly and easily tailor both his content and his style to suit his audience and so ensure they maximise their learning.  

Although his experience gives him a strong understanding of a very wide range of skills, his main focus is on Leadership & Management, Sales and Finance, all of which he has delivered to degree level. 

His many years of practical experience in both management and training is undoubtedly one of Andy’s main assets, but a Masters Degree in Training and an MBA ensure he also has the strong theoretical knowledge needed to both design and deliver development solutions at the highest level.